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2023-24 Cleveland State Women's Tennis Roster

Hometown/High School
Ella Franz full bio Ella Franz Cl.: Sophomore Hometown/High School: Delaware, Ohio / Olentangy Berlin
Filippa Frogner full bio Filippa Frogner Cl.: Junior Hometown/High School: Oslo, Norway /
Sima Heren full bio Sima Heren Cl.: Junior Hometown/High School: Sandvika, Norway /
Mikaela Konstantinova full bio Mikaela Konstantinova Cl.: 5th Year Hometown/High School: Sofia, Bulgaria / - (Alcorn State)
Selma Tounsi full bio Selma Tounsi Cl.: Senior Hometown/High School: Montreal, Canada / Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Tereze Vevere full bio Tereze Vevere Cl.: Junior Hometown/High School: Riga, Latvia /
Oihane Vicario full bio Oihane Vicario Cl.: Junior Hometown/High School: Oion/Alava, Spain /
Bethany Yauch full bio Bethany Yauch Cl.: Senior Hometown/High School: Pittsburgh, Pa. / Baldwin