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2023-24 Cleveland State Women's Fencing Roster

Weapon Hometown/High School
Adeline Mantoan full bio Adeline Mantoan Cl.: Junior Weapon: Sabre Hometown/High School: Hammonton, N.J. / Homeschool
Gwen Nelson full bio Gwen Nelson Cl.: Senior Weapon: Epee Hometown/High School: Minneapolis, Minn. / Washburn
Rayllen Prafil Capaccio full bio Rayllen Prafil Capaccio Cl.: Freshman Weapon: Epee Hometown/High School: Buenos Aires, Argentina / University of Buenos Aires
Lily Robertson full bio Lily Robertson Cl.: Senior Weapon: Epee Hometown/High School: Kansas City, Mo. / Parkhill South
Mira Semenets full bio Mira Semenets Cl.: Senior Weapon: Foil Hometown/High School: Broadview Heights, Ohio / Broadview Heights
Maia Taylor Casamayor full bio Maia Taylor Casamayor Cl.: Sophomore Weapon: Epee Hometown/High School: Pittsford, N.Y. / Pittsford Sutherland
Togzhan Tolegen full bio Togzhan Tolegen Cl.: Freshman Weapon: Saber Hometown/High School: Astana, Kazakhstan / Astana