Vikings In Italy: Day 2 - Venice


There are some things that are quintessential Italy, and Venice is one of those things. 

That was our location for the day, and it. was. awesome! 
We rode the 9:25 am train into Venice from Treviso (if you are still tracking, that would be 3:25 am Cleveland time) and once you stepped out of the station you were literally transported into a different world. Your first view of the architecture and canals is amazing, but even more amazing is that as you walk through the city the views just get better and better. Everyone had their cameras (phones for most of us) out for the majority of the day...because you just never knew what you would stumble upon! 
We were joined by a local guide for the day - Igor - and he did a wonderful job of explaining all things Venice to us as we walked through the city. We zig zagged our way down all sorts of streets and alleys until we made it to the canals where we all jumped on Water Taxis for a different view of the city. I guess you could say we did our part to #GetOnTheShip even though we are 5,000 miles away! 
After the water taxi tour we were able to spend the next few hours on our own...eating, shopping, sightseeing...whatever your heart desired! 
Eight hours, and sooooo many steps (and sweat, so much sweat) later, we were finally back on the train and headed back to Treviso for a quiet night in our home away from home. 
And remember yesterday when Jaclyn told us to wake up with a smile and the day would be beautiful? That was so true today. The entire day called for rain, but it held off for us and we were able to enjoy Venice without the need for an umbrella!
Until tomorrow, Ciao!