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The Official Home of the Cleveland State University Vikings

Welcome to the Cleveland State Athletics Visiting Committee

The Purpose of the CSU Athletics Visiting Committee (AVC):

  • Provides valuable guidance and expertise relative to the execution of the mission and vision of the Athletics Department.
  • Grow support of the CSU Athletics program through continuous grassroots outreach activity.
  • Serve as an informational link to the corporate, civic, philanthropic, and education communities in Northeast Ohio.
  • Provide professional advice to the Director of Athletics in areas such as marketing, promotions, media relations, corporate and community engagement, and cultivation of prospective donors.

Nominations (self-nominations accepted) for Visiting Committee appointments may be sent to

For more information or questions regarding the expectations of the CSU Athletics Visiting Committee, please contact Brandon Longmeier, Assistant Athletics Director, Viking Fund, at 216-630-2974.


  • Commit to supporting the mission and goals of Cleveland State University and the Department of Athletics by helping to expand its role and brand in the community.
  • Attend meetings of the CSU Athletics Visiting Committee.  Three meetings will be held annually. Committee members will receive the annual meeting schedule prior to the start of the academic year.  Committee members are encouraged to attend all meetings. 
  • CSU Athletics commits to sending materials in advance of meetings; Athletics Visiting Committee Members commit to reading and considering materials in advance of meetings so that they can provide guidance and advice expeditiously.
  • Identify and engage with at least one CSU sports team and/or serve as a mentor for one of the sports teams under the direction of the Associate Director of Athletics – Student Services. Communicate with individual sports coaches that you are representing regularly and provide updates at Athletics Visiting Committee meetings accordingly.
  • Contribute expertise and participate in the strategic development of the committee and recruit new members to join Athletics Visiting Committee based upon set guidelines and criteria.
  • Develop a continuing knowledge of the strengths, needs, and processes of Athletics.
  • Offer professional advice and recommendations relative to new athletic program development and program review, as well as objective feedback on the performance of the Department of Athletics in fulfilling its stated mission.
  • Attend CSU Athletics and special events.
  • Assist the Department of Athletics staff and AVC committee with fundraising efforts by arranging introductions, signing letters to friends and associates, utilizing networking to open doors, and helping to engage potential donors.
  • Show your personal support by a financial contribution to Athletics:  it is important to achieve 100% participation from our AVC members on an annual basis. An expectation of Athletics VC members is to make a minimum annual gift of $1000.00.
  • Represent CSU Athletics: be familiar with and speak in support of CSU and the Department of Athletics, and allow your name to be used in support of our mission under the advisement of the Associate Athletic Director of Compliance. Facilitate public relations and foster a positive image of the Department of Athletics in the larger community under the guidance of the Associate Athletic Director of Compliance. Serve as ambassadors to support and promote the work of CSU Athletics while assisting in increasing its external visibility and developing new partnerships.
  • Disclose any potential conflict of interest to the Director of Athletics or Director of Compliance.
  • Refrain from discussing or sharing confidential committee business with non-committee members.

The CSU Athletics Visiting Committee members include: