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2022-23 Cleveland State Men's Tennis Roster

Hometown/High School
JuandeDios Abboud full bio JuandeDios Abboud Cl.: Junior Hometown/High School: Laredo, Texas / Austin Tennis Academy College Prep
Devin Boyer full bio Devin Boyer Cl.: R-Freshman Hometown/High School: Columbus, Ohio / New Albany
Cole Chappell full bio Cole Chappell Cl.: Freshman Hometown/High School: Zionsville, Ind. / Zionsville Community
Mikael Erler full bio Mikael Erler Cl.: Junior Hometown/High School: Cannes, France / CNED (Lander)
Carl Gedlitschka full bio Carl Gedlitschka Cl.: Freshman Hometown/High School: Greensboro, N.C. / Grimsley
Maxime Mareschal-Hay full bio Maxime Mareschal-Hay Cl.: Junior Hometown/High School: Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada / Académie Des Estacades
Alan Matyjas full bio Alan Matyjas Cl.: Freshman Hometown/High School: Northfield, Ill. / -
Kade Mindry full bio Kade Mindry Cl.: Senior Hometown/High School: Durban, South Africa / Kearney College
Ty Rothchild full bio Ty Rothchild Cl.: Freshman Hometown/High School: Beachwood, Ohio / Sickles (Fla.)
Austin Staiger full bio Austin Staiger Cl.: Junior Hometown/High School: Beavercreek, Ohio / Beavercreek
Raul Teichmann full bio Raul Teichmann Cl.: Graduate Hometown/High School: Biel/Bienne, Switzerland / -
Andrew Zimcosky full bio Andrew Zimcosky Cl.: Freshman Hometown/High School: Chagrin Falls, Ohio / Chagrin Falls