Vikings In Italy: Day 7 - Rome

Today we had another relaxed morning, with the team competing in a Scavenger Hunt around Rome! The team split into three groups with Tyree, Kash and Stef serving as team captains. The captains selected their teams old school, gym class style and the Hunt was on! 
Each team was given clues to random places around Rome, and the more questions you answered correctly and pictures you took, the more points your team collected. The catch though, they could only use a paper map to figure things mapquest, no google!
After about 3 hours of hunting around Rome, the teams all came back to the meeting point to figure out the winner...Team Tyree!
While the team was busy with the Scavenger Hunt around Rome, the rest of us did a little foot and by bike!
We then had a delicious meal together and had some time to rest up before we boarded the bus for our final game of the trip! 
This game was played in a new gym, and because of poor conditions (hot & humid, and slippery floor!!) we only played three quarters. 
This allowed for an early return to the hotel so that we could enjoy one of our final nights in Italy!