Vikings In Italy: Day 3 - Florence


Today was moving day and GAMEDAY (!!!) for us! 

After breakfast we hit the road for Florence, our second home of the trip. The drive took about 3 1/2 hours, of which most was spent catching up on sleep! After a pit stop at the local rest area we were all able to stay awake for the rest of the bus ride enjoying the Italian countryside as we continued south. For the majority of the drive we were riding along the Apennine Mountain Range that runs the entire length of Italy...which also meant that we passed through many, many tunnels on the drive! 
Once we checked into our hotel we had a quick lunch and then did final preparations for our first game of the trip against the Italy All-Stars at 6:30 pm (12:30 pm in Cleveland).
During the game, we played with a 24-second shot clock, and played four 10-minute quarters.
After the win we celebrated with postgame pizza! Which, by the way, tastes better when you are eating it in Italy!
We called it a night after returning to our hotel then, putting a wrap on Day #3 in Italy!