At Cleveland State University, there are four professional advisors to assist approximately 320 student-athletes who participate in one of 18 Division I sports. Athletic Academic Advisors are committed to assisting all student-athletes with their educational and career goals. Through a supportive environment, we provide on-going assistance in the areas of: academic advising, course selection, registration, add/drop procedures and deadlines, personal counseling referrals, tutorial assistance, course monitoring, study skills and time management assistance, study hall, and travel excuse notices.

Once a new student-athlete is admitted to CSU, an ATH hold is added to the academic record so that all enrollment decisions can only be conducted by an Athletic Academic Advisor.  This hold prevents student-athletes from making any schedule adjustments (adding and/or dropping classes and even registering for a class) until they meet with and receive permission from their Athletic Academic Advisor.  Once a student has declared a major, they will also work with an advisor in their field of study. However, due to NCAA academic eligibility guidelines affecting satisfactory progress, all registration must be checked and processed by Athletic Academic Advising Offices. 

Athletic Academic Advising at CSU focuses on the collegiate experience from the first year to graduation, emphasizing developmental advising and encouraging self-reliance, academic growth and accountability.  Advisors are available to support, counsel, direct and suggest, but the student-athlete is responsible for his or her own education.


  1. To graduate every student-athlete who completes his or her athletic eligibility at CSU.
  2. To safeguard the academic integrity of the University.
  3. To insure compliance with all rules and regulations of the University and the NCAA.
  4. To maintain the athletic eligibility of each student-athlete over their entire tenure at Cleveland State.


  • Know your schedule and the location of your classes
  • Know and understand each course syllabus
  • Know your professor’s names
  • Pick up all course materials
  • Attend all regularly scheduled classes
  • Follow proper procedures for travel letter notifications
  • Maintain regular communication with professors
  • Attend Study Hall sessions (if required)
  • Meet with Athletic Academic Advisors regularly
  • Arrange tutoring at the first sign of difficulty
  • Contact your advisor if you are going to miss an appointment
  • Be aware of ALL deadlines. Especially, regarding registration and add/drop
  • Return all books at the end of each term. (If you are on athletic book scholarship)
  • Read all of your emails

Winnie Lane
Lisa Hehman
Laura Klimchock 
Megan Van Tatenhove


Priority Registration
Priority registration privileges increase each student-athlete's chances of getting into specific classes at specific times before they close. Due to NCAA regulations regarding satisfactory progress towards degree, student-athletes must have the opportunity to enroll in those time blocks that will be less affected by travel and competition.

Athletic Academic Advisors will provide student-athletes with travel notices that officially inform professors of impending class absences due to competitions, both home and away. The notice will include the Cleveland State Missed Class Policy as sanctioned by the University's Faculty Senate. An Athletic Academic Advisor is available to travel and proctor exams when conflicts occur, when necessary and with the professor's approval. All testing procedures will adhere to proper academic standards and the assurance of confidentiality.

Academic Course Monitoring
Advisors frequently communicate with professors requesting information on the student-athlete's academic performance. Based on professors’ comments and evaluations, the Athletic Academic Advising Office may make recommendations for improvement through tutorial assistance, increased study hours, and implementing time management and study techniques. All Head Coaches are notified of the student-athlete’s progress and performance.

Study Hall and Tutoring
All freshman and continuing student-athletes below a 2.25 grade-point average are required to complete four to six hours per week in the Athletic Department’s supervised study hall. Head Coaches also recommend personalized hours based on their team requirements and policies. Study Hall is located adjacent to Athletic Academic Advising Offices in the Physical Education Building, room 301. There is also a designated room in the Wolsten Center on the ground floor. If additional support in a course is needed, talk to your Athletic Academic Advisor immediately to schedule tutoring. Tutoring is available throughout campus in various departments, use your STARFISH account (under My Success Network) in CampusNet to schedule appointments, see links below for additional tutoring resources. 

Computer Access
There are numerous computer labs throughout the CSU campus, including labs designated just for student-athletes in the Physical Education Building and the Wolstein Center. In addition, CSU offers a Mobile Campus program whereby students can check out laptop computers or tablets for on-campus use. The Mobile Campus Center is currently located in the Student Center, room SC 128A.




Athletic Academic Advising Offices - Physical Education Building
Winnie Lane, PE #305
Megan Van Tatenhove, PE #303
Cleveland State University
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Cleveland, Ohio 

Athletic Academic Advising Office - Wolstein Center | Peter Lewis Center
Lisa Hehman
Laura Klimchock
Cleveland State University
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